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The top 50 social media users to follow

Jisc’s prestigious list of the most innovative and influential FE professionals using social media has been announced today. Honoured to be recognised and thanks for the nomination!





EAP: Helping students bring their specialist subjects into their English classes

Vine for EFL

Activities using ‘Vine’ give students the opportunity to produce language in a meaningful and playful context.  These task-based and collaborative activities are designed to develop speaking fluency and foster learner autonomy. 

Students will also learn how to record, upload, edit and share video via the Vine network. 

Mobile Learning Activities for English Language Learning

guide by Thomas Sweeney and Simon Wardman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Sounds good, looks good: using short video clips in ELT

Very busy morning, but the most useful workshop was given by Michael Harrison (BBC Learning English) . A session with lots of group collaboration and full of practical ideas for using mobile technology to record and edit video. I am now equipped with the basic skills to record and edit short video clips with the superb Vine app.

Dean Cooper (EAP Teacher – Central College Nottingham) came up with some great ideas to promote vocabulary acquisition. Can't wait to put our ideas into practice next week at Central College Nottingham.